Fracture Care in Central Louisiana

A fracture is technical or medical term used for a broken bone. Fractures can occur after a traumatic events such as a motor vehicle accident, while playing sports, or falls. There are many causes of fractures.  In some circumstances, bones can be broken or fractured with no apparent injury, in what is called a “stress fracture.”

Fractures are treated in many ways depending on the type, location and severity of the fracture. Most people are familiar with what is known as a closed treatment: using casts, splints or braces to hold the broken bones securely so they heal correctly.

Surgical treatments often are performed for fractures and include the use of techniques in which wires or pins to hold the bone in position are placed through the skin without opening the fracture site. The fracture site may sometimes need to be exposed surgically so the broken bone can be stabilized with an implant such as a plate, screw, pin, rod or wire.

Surgeons at Mid State Orthopaedics are skilled in the management of all types of fractures.